Configuring default swap tokens

Please use this link to open @RapidSwapBot on Telegram.
Check out a quick 2 minute video on how to configure default buy token:
To configure default swap tokens for your group, use the /settings command and click on Default Swap Presets button.
Then, select blockchain.
Configure default sell and buy tokens and slippage.
Refer to the Selecting tokens section below for more details on how to choose a token or add a custom token.
To set default slippage, click on Slippage button, then enter slippage; i.e. 3 for 3% and click Send
Important: Both sell and buy tokens must be set for these settings to be in effect!
After everything is fully configured - blockchain, sell token, buy token, slippage - members of your group can use /buy command directly in your group.
Then, when redirected to private chat, your token will be shown as the default buy token!