Configuring buy notification settings

Please use this link to open @RapidSwapBot on Telegram.
To configure Buy Notifications, use the /settings command and click on Buy Notification Settings button.
Select blockchain.
You will be prompted to enter the token address that you want to track - paste token contract address and click Send button.
You can keep default settings, or customize them as such:
  • Buy gif - upload a gif that will be included in each notification post
  • Buy emoji - the default is green circle
  • Minimum buy amount - by default, it is set to $10 - buys below that amount will not be tracked
  • Step - dollar value of 1 emoji, default is $100, i.e. if buy is for $500 and step is $100 then 5 emojis will be shown
  • Circulating supply - when showing market cap, we are using total supply, which is retrieved automatically. However, you can set Circulating Supply, which will then be used in market cap calculation.
  • Chart - select preferred chart
  • Status - notifications can be paused or resumed
  • You can remove this pair altogether by clicking on the Remove This Pair button
Multiple tokens can be tracked in the same group. Click Back button if still on the screen above, or click on Buy Notification Settings button again - this time it will show the list of existing tokens that are being tracked. From this screen you can manage existing tokens or click on Add new token to track another token.
This is how buy notification looks when posted in a group.
Let users of your group purchase your token by clicking on a /buy link directly within this notification message!